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87."Highly Specific Peptide-Mediated Cuvette-Form Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance (LSPR)-Based Fipronil Detection in Egg"

Jingon Yoo, Soobin Han, Bumjun Park, Sonam Sonwal, Munirah Alhammadi, Eunsu Kim, Sheik Aliya, Eun-Seon Lee,

Tae-Joon Jeon*, Mi-Hwa Oh, Yun Suk Huh
Biosensors 2022, 12(11), 914;(IF=5.972)
Link to article

86."Trophoblast Migration with Different Oxygen Levels in a Gel-Patterned Microfluidic System"
Gun Ko, Tae-Joon Jeon* and Sun Min Kim*
Micromachines 2022, 13, 2216;(IF=2.942)

Link to article
85."Multi-Modal Locomotion of Caenorhabditis elegans by Magnetic Reconfiguration of 3D Microtopography"
Jeong Eun Park, Sunhee Yoon, Jisoo Jeon, Chae Ryean Kim, Saebohm Jhang, Tae-Joon Jeon, Seung Goo Lee, Sun Min Kim,* and Jeong Jae Wie*
Adv. Sci. 2022, 2203396;(IF=17.52)

Link to artticle
84.“Efect of hypoxic hepatocytes on normoxic proximal tubular cells on microfuidic devices”
Jongkwon Park, Seonmyeong Choo,  Sun Min Kim, Tae‐Joon Jeon,Yun Jung Heo, Soonjo Kwon
Microfluidics and Nanofluidics (2022) 26:61;(IF=2.529)

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83."Elucidation of the Interactions of Reactive Oxygen Species and Antioxidants in Model Membranes Mimicking Cancer Cells and Normal Cells"
Geonho Cho,Deborah Lee,Sun Min Kim* and Tae-Joon Jeon*
Membranes 2022, 12(3), 286; (IF=4.562)
Link to article

82.“A PDMS‐Based Interdigitated Platform for Trophoblast Invasion Study Under Oxygen Stress Conditions”
Hyeran Cho, Ahmed Fuwad,Gun Ko,Gi Jin Kim,Tae‐Joon Jeon*, Sun Min Kim*
BioChip Journal  (2021),(IF=3.494)
Link to article


81."A simple strategy for signal enhancement in lateral fow assays using superabsorbent polymers"
Taeyeong YouWoojin Jeong ,Hwankyu Lee,Yun Suk Huh, Sun Min Kim*,Tae‐Joon Jeon*
Microchimica Acta (2021) 188:364,(IF=6.232)
Link to article


80."Hybrid film for liquid-solid contact-based energy harvesting systems"
Ahmed Fuwad, Hyunil Ryu,Tae-Joon Jeon*,Sun Min Kim*,

International Journal of Energy research,17 September 2021,(IF=5.164),
Link to article


79."Quantitative Analysis of the Membrane Affinity of Local Anesthetics Using a Model Cell Membrane"
Wanjae ChoiHyunil RyuAhmed Fuwad, Seulmini GohChaoge Zhou, Jiwook ShimMasahiro Takagi, Soonjo Kwo, Sun Min Kim*, Tae-Joon Jeon*
Membranes 2021, 11(8), 579 (IF=4.106
) (registering DOI)
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schematic figure.PNG

78."Surface-directed engineering oftissue anisotropyin microphysiological models of musculoskeletal tissue"

Mark J. Mondrinos, Farid Alisafaei, Alex Y. Yi, Hossein Ahmadzadeh, Insu Lee,Cassidy Blundell, Jeongyun Seo, Matthew Osborn, Tae-Joon Jeon, Sun Min Kim,Vivek B. Shenoy, Dongeun Huh

Science Advances,(2021)  (IF=13.117),

Link to article


77. "Multilayered film for the controlled formation of freestanding lipid bilayers"

Hyunil Ryu, Ahmed Fuwad, Sun Min Kim*, Tae-Joon Jeon*

Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, (2020) (IF=4.389) ,

Link to article

76. "Numerical and Experimental Study on Mixing in Chaotic Micromixers with Crossing Structures"

Ahmed Fuwad,  Shakhawat Hossain,  Hyunil Ryu,  Mubashshir Ahmad Ansari,  Muhammad Saiful Islam Khan, 

Kwang-Yong Kim,  Tae-Joon Jeon*Sun Min Kim*

Chemical engineering & technology, (2020) (IF=2.418) ,

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75. "Aptamer-Conjugated Polydiacetylene Colorimetric Paper Chip for the Detection of Bacillus thuringiensis Spores"

Chaoge Zhou, Taeyeong You, Huisoo Jang, Hyunil Ryu, Eun-Seon Lee, Mi-Hwa Oh, Yun Suk Huh, Sun Min Kim* and Tae-Joon Jeon*

Sensors, (2020) (IF=3.031) ,

Link to article

74. "Growth and Activity of Caenorhabditis elegans Exposed to Mechanical Vibration During the Embryonic Period"

Sunhee Yoon, Jonguk Ju, Soonjo Kwon, Tae-Joon Jeon* & Sun Min Kim*

Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering, (2020) (IF=1.438) ,

Link to article

BBE C.elegans.PNG

73. "Investigation of Mixing Performance of Two-Dimensional Micromixer Using Tesla Structures with Different Shapes of Obstacles"

Shakhawat hossain, Ahmed Fuwad, Kwang-Yong Kim, Tae-Joon Jeon*, and Sun Min Kim*

Ind. Eng. Chem. Res, (2020) (IF=3.375) ,

Link to article

72. "Analysis of Growth and Gene Expression of C. elegans Exposed to Low-Frequency Mechanical Vibration During Early Developmental Period"

Sunhee Yoon, Tae-Joon Jeon*, and Sun Min Kim**

Trans. Korean Soc. Mech. Eng. B, (2019) ,

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Analysis of Growth and Gene Expression o
Analysis of Growth and Gene Expression o

71. "Integrated vortex micro T-mixer for rapid mixing of fluids"

Mubashshir Ahmad Ansari , Kwang-Yong Kim*, and Sun Min Kim*,

Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology, (2019) (IF=1.356),

Link to article

Integrated vortex micro T-mixer for rapi
Integrated vortex micro T-mixer for rapi

70. "Synthetic Anion Transporters as Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) Stress Inducers"

Adil S. Aslam, Ahmed Fuwad, Hyunil Ryu, Baskar Selvaraj, Jae-Won Song, Dae Won Kim, Sun Min Kim, Jae Wook Lee, Tae-Joon Jeon*, Dong-Gyu Cho

Organic Letters, (2019) (IF=6.492), 

Link to article


69. "Biomimetic Membranes with Transmembrane Proteins: State-of-the-Art in Transmembrane Protein Applications"

Hyunil RyuAhmed Fuwad, Sunhee Yoon, Huisoo Jang, Jong Chan Lee, Sun Min Kim* and Tae-Joon Jeon*  

International Journal of Molecular Sciences, (2019) (IF=3.687), 

Link to article


68. "Biomimetic membranes as potential tools for water purification: Preceding and future avenues"

Ahmed Fuwad, Hyunil Ryu, Noah Malmstadt, Sun Min Kim*,  Tae-Joon Jeon*  

Desalination, (2019) (IF=6.603, Top 2%),

Link to article


67. "An electrokinetic approach to fabricating aquaporin biomimetic membranes for water purification"

Ahmed Fuwad, Hyunil Ryu, Jun-Hee Lee, Daejoong Kim, Yeong-Eun Kim, Young-Rok Kim, Sun Min Kim*,  Tae-Joon Jeon*  

Desalination, (2018) (IF=6.603, Top 2%),

Link to article


66. "Hypoxic Physiological Environments in a Gas-Regulated Microfluidic Device"

Insu Lee, Jin Hyuk WooMin Lee, Tae-Joon Jeon*,  Sun Min Kim*

Micromachines, (2018) (IF=2.222),

Link to article


65. "Investigation of wound healing process guided by nano-scale topographic patterns integrated within a microfluidic system"

Insu Lee, Daegyu KimGa-Lahm Park, Tae-Joon Jeon*,  Sun Min Kim*

PLOSONE, (2018) (IF=2.766),

Link to article


64. "Effectively controlled microfluidic trap for spatiotemporal analysis of the electrotaxis of Caenorhabditis elegans"

Sunhee Yoon, Mingu Yeo, Hoon Kim, Tae-Joon Jeon*,  Sun Min Kim*

ELECTROPHORESIS, (2018) (IF=2.569),

Link to article


63. "Nanopore based detection of Bacillus thuringiensis HD-73 spores using aptamers and versatile DNA hairpins"

Joongjin Park, Min-Cheol Lim, Hyunil Ryu, Jiwook Shim,  Sun Min Kim,  Young-Rok Kim* and Tae-Joon Jeon*

Nanoscale, (2018) (IF=7.367), doi:10.1039/c8nr03168a

Link to article

62. "Numerical and Experimental Study on Mixing Performances of Simple and Vortex Micro T-Mixers"

Mubashshir Ahmad Ansari, Kwang-Yong Kim*, Sun Min Kim*

Micromachines, 9(5):204 (2018) (IF=1.833), doi:10.3390/mi9050204

Link to article

61. "Microfluidic platform for analyzing the thermotaxis of C. elegans in a linear temperature gradient"

Sunhee Yoon, Hailing Piao, Tae-Joon Jeon*, Sun Min Kim*

Analytical Sciences, 33(12):1435-1440 (2017) (IF=1.228), doi:10.2116/analsci.33.1435

Link to article

60. "An antibacterial microfluidic system with fish gill structure for the detection of Staphylococcus via enzymatic reaction on a chromatic polydiacetylene material caused by lysostaphin"

Huisoo Jang, Palan Lee, Seokjae Kim, Sun Min Kim*, Tae-Joon Jeon*

Microchimica Acta, 184:4563-4569 (2017) (IF=4.580), doi:10.1007/s00604-017-2517-4

Link to article

59. "Piecing together the puzzle: nanopore technology in detection and quantification of cancer biomarkers"

Trang VuShanna-Leigh DavidsonJulia BorgesiMowla Maksudul Tae-Joon Jeon  and  Jiwook Shim

RSC Advances, 7:42653-42666 (2017) (IF=3.108), doi:10.1039/C7RA08063H

Link to article

58. "Lipid bilayer membrane technologies: A review on single-molecule studies of DNA sequencing by using membrane nanopores" 

Julian Bello, Young-Rok Kim, Sun Min Kim, Tae-Joon Jeon*, Jiwook Shim*

Microchimica Acta,  184:1883-1897 (2017) (IF=4.580), doi:10.1007/s00604-017-2321-1

Link to article

57. "A micromixer with two-layer serpentine crossing channels having excellent mixing performance at low Reynolds numbers" 

Shakhawat Hossain, Insu Lee, Sun Min Kim*, Kwang-Yong Kim*

Chemical Engineering Journal,  327( ):268-277 (2017) (IF=6.216), doi:10.1016/j.cej.2017.06.106

Link to article

56. "Identification of genetically modified DNA found in Roundup Ready soybean using gold nanoparticles" 

Huisoo Jang, Cheol Hwan Kwak, Gibum Kim, Sun Min Kim, Yun Suk Huh*, Tae-Joon Jeon*

Microchimica Acta,  ( ):1-6 (2016) (IF=4.580), doi:10.​1007/​s00604-016-1899-z, online published

Link to article

55. "Quantification of Vortex Generation Due to Non-Equilibrium Electrokinetics at the Micro/Nanochannel Interface: Particle Tracking Velocimetry" 

Seung Jun LeeKilsung Kwon, Tae-Joon JeonSun Min Kim* and Daejoong Kim*

Micromachines, 7(7):127 (2016) (IF=1.295), doi:10.3390/mi7070127

Link to article

54. "Automated Lipid Bilayer Membrane Formation Using a Polydimethylsiloxane Thin Film" 

Sangbaek Choi , Sunhee Yoon, Hyunil Ryu, Sun Min Kim*, Tae-Joon Jeon*

Journal of Visualized Experiments, ():e54258 (2016) (IF=1.113), doi:10.3791/54258

* Invited video article

Link to article

53. "Quantification of Vortex Generation Due to Non-Equilibrium Electrokinetics at the Micro/Nanochannel Interface: Spectral Analysis" 

Seung Jun Lee, Tae-Joon Jeon, Sun Min Kim* and Daejoong Kim*

Micromachines, 7(7):109 (2016) (IF=1.295), doi:10.3390/mi7070109

Link to article

52. "Preconcentration of lipid vesicles using concentration polarization in a microfluidic chip" 

Seung Jun Lee, Hyeonji Rhee, Tae-Joon Jeon, Daejoong Kim*

Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 229(28):276-280 (2016), (IF=4.097), doi:10.1016/j.snb.2015.10.055

Link to article

51. "Analysis of responses to physical stimuli in Caenorhabditis elegans using a microfluidic system" 

Sunhee Yoon, Hailing Piao, Tae-Joon Jeon* & Sun Min Kim* 

Journal of the Korean Society of Visualization, Vol.13, No.2, 22-27 (2015)

Link to article (this link will be ready as soon as possible)

50. "Investigation of Ion Channel Activities of Gramicidin A in the Presence of Ionic Liquids Using Model Cell Membranes" 

Hyunil Ryu, Hwankyu Lee, Seigo Iwata, Sangbaek Choi, Moon Ki Kim, Young-Rok Kim, Shinsaku Maruta, Sun Min Kim* & Tae-Joon Jeon*

Scientific Reports, 5:11935 (2015) (IF= 5.078, top 10%). doi: 10.1038/srep11935

* Featured in over 40 Korea Mass Media

Link to article

49. "Effects of Imidazolium-based Ionic Liquids on the Stability and Dynamics of Gramicidin A and Lipid Bilayers at Different Salt Concentrations" (online published)

Hwankyu Lee*, Sun Min Kim, Tae-Joon Jeon

Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modelling, (2015) (IF= 1.722)  doi: 10.1016/j.jmgm.2015.06.016

Link to article

48. "Synthetic anion transporters that bear a terminal ethynyl group" (online published)

Eun-Bee Lee, Hyunil Ryu, Insu Lee, Sangbaek Choi, Jung-Ho Hong, Sun Min Kim, Tae-Joon Jeon* and Dong-Gyu Cho*

Chemical Communications, (2015) (IF= 6.718, top 5%). doi: 10.1039/C5CC01903F)

Link to article

47. "Chromatic Biosensor for Detection of Phosphinothricin Acetyltransferase (PAT) using Polydiacetylene Vesicles Encapsulated within Automatically Generated Immuno-hydrogel Beads" (online published)

Sung-Ho Jung , Huisoo Jang, Min-Cheol Lim , Jae-Hwan KIM , Kong-Sik Shin , Sun Min Kim, Hae-Yeong Kim, Young-Rok Kim, and Tae-Joon Jeon* 

Analytical chemistry, (2015) (IF= 5.825, top 10%). doi: 10.1021/ac501795x)

Link to article

46. "The Binding and Insertion of Imidazolium-based Ionic Surfactants into Lipid Bilayers: the Effects of Surfactant Size and Salt Concentration" (online published)

Hwankyu Lee* and Tae-Joon Jeon

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, (2015) (IF=4.198,, top 10%). doi: 10.1039/C4CP05537C)

Link to article

45. "A Mask-Free Passivation Process for Low Noise Nanopore Devices"

Min-Cheol Lim, Min-Hyun Lee, Ki-Bum Kim, Tae-Joon Jeon, and Young-Rok Kim*

Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 15:1–7 (2015) (IF=1.339). doi: 10.1166/jnn.2015.10500

Link to article

44. "Numerical study of the effect of microchannel geometry on temperature gradient focusing using the Joule heating effect" 

Taeheon Han, Sungjin Park, Tae-Joon Jeon*, Sun Min Kim*

Microsystem Technologies, 21(1):187-194 (2015) (IF= 0.827). doi: 10.1007/s00542-014-2208-6

Link to article

43. "Layer-by-Layer Assembly of 3D Tissue Constructs with Functionalized Graphene"

Su Ryon Shin , Behnaz Aghaei-Ghareh-Bolagh , Xiguang Gao , Mehdi Nikkhah , Sung Mi Jung , Alireza Dolatshahi-Pirouz , Sang Bok Kim , Sun Min Kim , Mehmet R. Dokmeci , Xiaowu (Shirley) Tang* , and Ali Khademhosseini*

Advanced Functional Materials, 24(39):6136-44 (2014) (IF=10.439, top 5%). doi: 10.1002/adfm.201401300

Link to article

42. "Automated lipid membrane formation using a PDMS film for ion channel measurements" 

Hyunil Ryu , Sangbaek Choi , Joongjin Park, Yeong-Eun Yoo, Jae Sung Yoon, Young Ho Seo, Young-Rok Kim, Sun Min Kim*, Tae-Joon Jeon*

Analytical Chemistry, 86(18):8910–5 (2014) (IF= 5.825, top 5%). doi: 10.1021/ac501397t

Link to article

41. "Fabrication of passive micromixer using a digital micromirror device-based maskless lithography system"

Yong-Kyu Cho, Tae-Heon Han, Seok-Jae Ha, Jung-Won Lee, Jong-Su Kim, Sun-Min Kim, Myeong-Woo Cho*

International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing, 15(7):1417-22 (2014) (IF= 1.50) doi:10.1007/s12541-014-0485-8

Link to article

 40. "Effects of Various Extracellular Matrix Proteins on the Growth of HL-1 Cardiomyocytes"

Seongkyun Choi, Yoonmi Hong, Insu Lee, Dongeun Huh, Tae-Joon Jeon*, Sun Min Kim*

Cells Tissues Organs 198(5):349-56(2013) (IF= 1.961). doi:10.1159/000358755

Link to article

 40. "Effects of Various Extracellular Matrix Proteins on the Growth of HL-1 Cardiomyocytes"

Seongkyun Choi, Yoonmi Hong, Insu Lee, Dongeun Huh, Tae-Joon Jeon*, Sun Min Kim*

Cells Tissues Organs 198(5):349-56(2013) (IF= 1.961). doi:10.1159/000358755

Link to article

 39. "Opening and Closing of a Toroidal Group II Chaperonin Revealed by a Symmetry Constrained Elastic Network Model" 

Homin Lee, SangJae Seo, Minhyeok Kim, Jae boong Choi, Sun Min Kim, Tae-Joon Jeon, Moon Ki Kim

Protein Science, 23(6):703-13 (2014) (IF= 2.861). doi:10.1002/pro.2454

Link to article

 39. "Opening and Closing of a Toroidal Group II Chaperonin Revealed by a Symmetry Constrained Elastic Network Model" 

Homin Lee, SangJae Seo, Minhyeok Kim, Jae boong Choi, Sun Min Kim, Tae-Joon Jeon, Moon Ki Kim

Protein Science, 23(6):703-13 (2014) (IF= 2.861). doi:10.1002/pro.2454

Link to article

38. "Micro-/nanofluidic device for tunable generation of a concentration gradient: application to Caenorhabditis elegans chemotaxis"

Zhongwei Wang, Insu Lee, Tae-Joon Jeon*, Sun Min Kim*

Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 406(11):2679-86 (2014) (IF= 3.578) doi:10.1007/s00216-014-7663-5

Link to article

37. "Leakage current in a Si-based nanopore structure and its influence on noise characteristics"

Min-Hyun Lee, Ju-Hyun Lee, Hyun-Mi Kim,Young-Rok Kim, Tae-Joon Jeon, Y. Eugene Pak, Ki-Bum Kim

Microfluidics and nanofluidics, 16(1-2):123-30 (2013) (IF= 3.218)

Link to article

36. "Self-assembled graphene oxide with organo-building blocks of Fe-aminoclay for heterogeneous Fenton-like reaction at near-neutral pH: A batch experiment"

Young-Chul Lee, Sung-Jin Chang, Moon-Hee Choi, Tae-Joon Jeon, Taegong Ryu, Yun Suk Huh

Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 142-143:494-3 (2013) (IF= 6.007, top 5%)


Link to article

35. "Automated formation of multicomponent‐encapsulating vesosomes using continuous flow microcentrifugation"

Huisoo Jang, Peichi C Hu, Sungho Jung, Won Young Kim, Sun Min Kim, Noah Malmstadt, Tae-Joon Jeon*

Biotechnology Journal, 8(11): 1341-6 (2013) (IF= 3.708)

Link to article

34.  "A nanoporous membrane-based impedimetric immunosensor for label-free detection of pathogenic bacteria in whole milk"

Cho-Kyung Joung, Han-Nah Kim, Min-Cheol Lim, Tae-Joon Jeon, Hae-Yeong Kim, Young-Rok Kim

Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 44:210-5 (2013) (IF= 6.451, top 5%)

Link to article

33.  "Rapid detection and quantification of bacteria using an integrated micro/nanofluidic device"

Zhongwei Wang, Taeheon Han, Tae-Joon Jeon, Sungjin Park, Sun Min Kim*

Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 178:683-8, (2013) (IF= 3.898, top 5%)

Link to article

32. "Elucidation of molecular interactions between lipid membranes and ionic liquids using model cell membranes"

Seunghwan Jeong, Sung Ho Ha, Sang-Hyun Han, Min-Cheol Lim, Sun Min Kim, Young-Rok Kim, Tae-Joon Jeon*

Soft Matter, 8(20):5501-6 (2012) (IF=4.151)

Link to article

31. "Vortex micro T-mixer with non-aligned inputs"

Mubashshir A Ansari, Kwang-Yong Kim, Khalid Anwar, Sun Min Kim*

Chemical Engineering Journal, 181:846-50 (2012) (IF= 4.058, top 10%)

Link to article 

30. "Active micromixer using electrokinetic effects in the micro/nanochannel junction"

Samuel Yu, Tae-Joon Jeon, Sun Min Kim*

Chemical Engineering Journal, 197:289-94 (2012) (IF= 4.058, top 10%)

Link to article

29. "Synthetic Biomimetic Membranes and Their Sensor Applications"

Young-Rok Kim, Sungho Jung, Hyunil Ryu, Yeong-Eun Yoo, Sun Min Kim, Tae-Joon Jeon*

Sensors, 12(7):9530-50 (2012) (IF=2.048)

Link to article

28. "A mini-microscope for in situ monitoring of cells"

Sang Bok Kim, Kyo-in Koo, Hojae Bae, Mehmet R Dokmeci, Geraldine A Hamilton, Anthony Bahinski, Sun Min Kim, Donald E. Ingber and Ali Khademhosseini

Lab on a Chip, 12(20):3976-82. (2012) (IF=5.748, top 10%)

Link to article

27. "Effect of orientation and density of nanotopography in dermal wound healing"

Hong Nam Kim, Yoonmi Hong, Min Sung Kim, Sun Min Kim, Kahp-Yang Suh

Biomaterials, 33(34),8782-92 (2012) (IF= 8.312, top 5%) 

Link to article

26. "Storable droplet interface lipid bilayers for cell-free ion channel studies"

Sung-Ho Jung, Sangbaek Choi, Young-Rok Kim, Tae-Joon Jeon*

Bioprocess and biosystems engineering, 35(1-2):241-6 (2012) (IF= 1.869)

Link to article

Site Title

25. "Integrated micro/nano-fluidic system for mixing and preconcentration of dissolved proteins"

Khalid Anwar, Taeheon Han, Samuel Yu, Sun Min Kim*

Microchimica Acta, 173(3-4):331-5 (2011) (IF=2.648)

Link to article

24. "Genistein mediates the anti-adipogenic actions of Sophora japonica L. extracts"

So-Ra Jung, Young-Jun Kim, A-Ryeong Gwon, Jina Lee, Dong-Gyu Jo, Tae-Joon Jeon, et al.

Journal of medicinal food, 14(4):360-8 (2011) (IF= 1.642)

Link to article

23. "Microbead-assisted PDA sensor for the detection of genetically modified organisms"

Min-Cheol Lim, Yeo-Jae Shin, Tae-Joon Jeon, Hae-Yeong Kim, Young-Rok Kim

Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry, 400(3):777-85 (2011) (IF= 3.659)

Link to article

22. "A novel passive micromixer based on unbalanced splits and collisions of fluid streams"

Mubashshir Ahmad Ansari, Kwang-Yong Kim, Khalid Anwar, Sun Min Kim*

Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, 20(5):055007 (2010) (IF=1.997)

Link to article

21. "Numerical study of the effect on mixing of the position of fluid stream interfaces in a rectangular microchannel"

Mubashshir Ahmad Ansari, Kwang-Yong Kim, Sun Min Kim*

Microsystem technologies, 16(10):1757-63 (2010) (IF= 1.025)

Link to article

20. "Reversible sealing techniques for microdevice applications"

Khalid Anwar, Taeheon Han, Sun Min Kim*

Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 153(2):301-11 (2011) (IF=3.368, top 5%)

Link to article

19. "Automatable production of shippable bilayer chips by pin tool deposition for an ion channel measurement platform"

Jason L Poulos, Tae‐Joon Jeon*, Jacob J Schmidt*

Biotechnology Journal, 5(5):511-4 (2010) (IF= 3.446)

Link to article

18. "Fabrication of biological arrays by unconventional lithographic methods"

Sun Min Kim, Kahp Yang Suh

Frontiers in bioscience (Scholar edition), 1:406-419 (2009) (IF= 3.736)

 Link to article

17. "Microfluidic system for electroelution of proteins from a clinical sampling strip"

Sun Min Kim*

Microsystem technologies, 15(5):695-701 (2009) (IF= 1.229)

Link to article

16. "Electrowetting on dielectric-based microfluidics for integrated lipid bilayer formation and measurement"

Jason L Poulos, Wyatt C Nelson, Tae-Joon Jeon, Chang-Jin Kim, Jacob J Schmidt

Applied Physics Letters, 95(1):013706--3 (2009) (IF= 3.554)

Link to article

15. "Ion channel and toxin measurement using a high throughput lipid membrane platform"

Jason L Poulos, Tae-Joon Jeon, Robert Damoiseaux, Eugene J Gillespie, Kenneth A Bradley, Jacob J Schmidt

Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 24(6):1806-10 (2009) (IF= 6.451, top 5%)

Link to article

14. "Cell research with physically modified microfluidic channels: a review"

Sun Min Kim, Sung Hoon Lee, Kahp Yang Suh

Lab on a Chip, 8(7):1015-23 (2008) (IF=6.478)

Link to article

13.  "Soft lithography for microfluidics: a review"

Pilnam Kim, Keon Woo Kwon, Min Cheol Park, Sung Hoon Lee, Sun Min Kim, Kahp Yang Suh.

 Biochip Journal, 2(1):1-11 (2008) (IF= 0.820)

Link to article

12. "Long-term storable and shippable lipid bilayer membrane platform"

Tae-Joon Jeon, Jason L. Poulos, Jacob J. Schmidt

Lab on a Chip, 8(10):1742 (2008) (IF= 6.478)

Link to article

11."Black lipid membranes stabilized through substrate conjugation to a hydrogel"

Tae-Joon Jeon, Noah Malmstadt, Jason L Poulos, Jacob J Schmidt

Biointerphases, 3(2):FA96-FA100 (2008) (IF= 1.905)

Link to article

10. "Long‐Lived Planar Lipid Bilayer Membranes Anchored to an In Situ Polymerized Hydrogel"

Noah Malmstadt+, Tae-Joon Jeon+, Jacob J Schmidt (+=equal contribution)

Advanced Materials, 20(1):84-9 (2008) (IF=14.829)

Link to article

9. "Theoretical and numerical analysis of temperature gradient focusing via Joule heating"

Greg J Sommer, Sun Min Kim, Robert J Littrell, Ernest F Hasselbrink

Lab on a Chip, 7(7):898-907 (2007) (IF=6.478)

Link to article

Site Title

8. "Creating Conjugated Hydrogel Encapsulated Membranes. MRS Proceedings"

Tae-Joon Jeon, Noah Malmstadt, Jacob Schmidt

Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings, 950: 0950-D09-01 (2007)

 Link to article

7. "New approaches to lipid bilayer fabrication: microfluidic solvent extraction and hydrogel encapsulation"

 Noah Malmstadt, Tae Joon Jeon, Michael Nash, Robert Purnell, Jacob J Schmidt

 Advances in Science and Technology, 53:22-31 (2006)

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6. "Single molecule measurements of channel proteins incorporated into biomimetic polymer membranes"

Denise Wong, Tae-Joon Jeon, Jacob Schmidt

Nanotechnology, 17(15):3710 (2006)  (IF=3.979)

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5. "Low-power concentration and separation using temperature gradient focusing via Joule heating"

Sun Min Kim, Greg J Sommer, Mark A Burns, Ernest F Hasselbrink

Analytical chemistry, 78(23):8028-35 (2006) (IF=5.646)

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4. "Electrokinetic protein preconcentration using a simple glass/poly (dimethylsiloxane) microfluidic chip"

Sun Min Kim, Mark A Burns, Ernest F Hasselbrink

Analytical chemistry, 78(14):4779-85 (2006) (IF=5.646)

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3.  "Hydrogel-Encapsulated Lipid Membranes"

Tae-Joon Jeon, Noah Malmstadt, Jacob J. Schmidt

Journal of the American Chemical Society, 128(1):42-3 (2006) (IF=10.677)

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2.  "Transmembrane glycine zippers: physiological and pathological roles in membrane proteins"

Sanguk Kim, Tae-Joon Jeon, Amit Oberai, Duan Yang, Jacob J Schmidt, James U Bowie

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 102(40):14278-83 (2005) (IF=9.737) 

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1. "Erythrocyte nitric oxide transport reduced by a submembrane cytoskeletal barrier"

Tae H. Han, Andrew Pelling, Tae-Joon Jeon, James K. Gimzewski, James C. Liao

Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-General Subjects, 1723(1):135-42 (2005)  (IF= 2.418)

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